Cleaning Water: Making water safe at home, at work and in agriculture

The importance of clean drinking water

shutterstock_120072142The fact that your water should be clean and healthy may be stating the obvious, but the quality and purity of your water supply is as equally important to WD+AD Morgan as the quantity of supply you are able to use on a daily basis.

Any supply that is used for human and animal consumption will be analysed for water quality before being put into service.  Irrespective of the water analysis, we always install a pre-filter and a Ultra Violet (UV) system to sterilise the water.  Should the supply require further treatment, we have the capacity to source and install and to tailor solutions to any type of installation and building, in a home, work or agricultural environment.

The medical community is keen to stress that the natural healing and cleansing systems in our body only work properly with water.  Dehydration – even at a 5% level – can lead to degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, weight loss and fatigue;  our digestive systems need pure water to function properly.

So talk to us about your water supply’s after care.  It’s all part of the treatment!

Contaminated drinking water can:

  • result in changes in the flavour and odour of the water
  • reduce the effect of medicines or additives administered in the water
  • result in interactions between the contamination and the additives
  • reduce the uptake of water
  • can result in the formation of toxins
  • increase susceptibility to disease
  • result in a great deal of unnecessary damage