Cleaning Water: Making water safe at home, at work and in agriculture

Water filtration

Water filters are used to remove impurities from water, and while WD+AD Morgan will always install a pre-filter and a UV system to sterilise the water, periodic analysis will ensure your borehole supply is of a consistently high and safe standard.

Water filters are able to remove parasites, protozoa, and bacteria from the water, but they cannot eliminate viruses. Water purifiers will remove all of these as well as 99.9% of all viruses.

Finding the right solution to ensure a high quality water supply can be a complex process, and the most suitable equipment will vary according to levels of contaminants present, and the amount of water used.

We recommend that you obtain a water quality test report for your supply, which will help identify any issues that are essential to deal with and those you may wish to improve.

The most commonly treated problems include low pH level (acidic water), high iron and manganese levels, turbidity (cloudiness) and  bacteria.

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