Cleaning Water: Making water safe at home, at work and in agriculture

Water treatment

Once your borehole water is flowing freely, WD+AD Morgan will arrange a full chemical analysis. Samples are independently analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory, and based on the results we can tailor a bespoke package for your supply.

Water is affected by bacterial or chemical content, dissolved solids and certain micro organisms, which may not be revealed by the smell, taste or colour of the water.

Water supplies near farmed land where animals graze or where manure is spread are at risk, particularly so at times of heavy rainfall and flooding – nitrates, sheep dip and pesticides can cause contamination.

Drinking Contaminated Water

Anyone who drinks contaminated water risks infection, particularly those who do not drink the water regularly and are not used to it, such as visitors and guests.

A water softener can remove calcium, magnesium and  other metals in hard water. The resulting soft water will improve the quality of your life and save you money. Less detergents are needed, appliances will run more efficiently and scale in your heating system, pipes, household appliances, showers and baths is removed.